About Therapist Kelly Lynch

I Believe In You.

I believe in the power of our incredible, awe-inspiring minds and our ability to create the perspective which guides the way we move through the world. The perspective you build will shape what your experiences feel like.

The most successful relationships are always built on a foundation of transparency and authenticity. When you work with me, I promise you will always get the most real, raw, direct, type-a, hippie, goofy, me that you could possibly get. I’m not always right, and I’ll always be honest with you about not having all the answers. The great part about that, is us figuring out the best answers for your life – together. I will bring the skills, the experience, and the education, we will meet each other in our mutual human-ness, and combine it all to build you into the most unstoppable you.

In our relationship, I’ll meet you where you’re at. We’ll talk it out, cry it out, and laugh it out – always as a team. We’ll identify the things which work, the things that don’t, and figure out what’s going to be the most realistic and sustainable plan of mental wellness for you.

I have seen people transform in ways which have consistently amazed me. The combined power of love, validation, and assertion of combined strength and power are incredible catalysts for change. Nothing is more powerful than being granted permission to witness my clients resurrect their spirit, harness their power, and go for the incredible ride that life can be.

Let’s build your story!

Therapist Kelly Lynch

Benefits of Counseling or Psychotherapy

Reducing stress
Healing from grief and loss
Improving social skills
Increasing confidence
Completing life goals
Conquering anxiety
Discovering hope
Developing mindfulness
Integrating work and life
Finding peace of mind
Resolving creativity blocks
Healing from trauma
Exploring spirituality
Recovering from psychological pain

Why I Love What I Do

Psychotherapy Makes A Big Difference

My favorite thing about Psychotherapy is seeing how quickly a shift in perspective creates a difference in helping my clients make positive changes in their lives. Some of my most successful clients were only in need of some understanding and healthier tools. Watching the pieces come together for lasting happiness really makes me love doing what I do.